Additional Financial Burden


A shocking moment for every tenant: the arrival of the utility bill! How much will it be this year? Has my savings in the consumption costs paid off in the last year? Or do I have to pay again? The fact is that especially the service charge settlement is often associated with a back payment and thus often an important additional financial burden for your own purse means. To illustrate this on the basis of documented figures: When using a 80 square meter apartment fall in Germany in the federal average of about 3042 € alone to additional costs. If then with the lease to low monthly additional costs advance payments agreed, then takes place with the next utility bill, the “angry” awakening.

Additional payment for incidental costs – how to settle?


Additional payment for incidental costs - how to settle?


Not infrequently, that “awakening awakening” is also connected with the fact that the payment of additional costs represents a considerable additional financial burden, which was generally anything but planned. So what if the amount of additional costs to be paid significantly exceeds the available monthly budget? Is there a financial bottleneck when you receive the utility bill? And besides, for such a situation no financial reserves were created or are not available? In such a case, the inclusion of a cheap online loan in the form of a mini-loan is quite appropriate.


Mini loan for the payment of additional costs


 Such a loan for incidental costs can bridge the financial bottleneck by the arrival of the annual consumption bill. Since most back payments in the framework of the service charges settlements are between € 100 and € 600, a mini loan is an alternative which can be taken into consideration for the payment of such an invoice. Especially if no financial reserves were created for any additional payments or the often much more expensive credit line of the house bank should not be claimed. The mini credit as a loan for incidental costs is ideally suited to pay any additional payments in the context of the annual operating cost statement quickly and easily. It can be applied for online at any time of the day or night in less than 5 minutes, paid out within 24 hours if required, and also convinces with a short term and favorable loan terms at the interest rate.